History of changes

Version 1.20 [2007-04-16]

  • Option for saving SFV/MD5/M3U/PLS with Unicode filenames
  • New control to select drive and directory with support for "My Network Places"
  • Unicode support fixed
  • Some changes in code. EXE is now a little bit smaller
  • Added Bulgarian language. Thanks to EDI16
  • Added Cesky language. Thanks to Milan Hrubř
  • Added Chinese language. Thanks to Rocksoccer
  • Added Turkish language. Thanks to Umut

Version 1.19 [2006-03-19]

  • Notes is now stored in 'note.txt' file and loaded at startup
  • Added Hungarian language - thanks to Goldshield
  • Fixed bug which MNB refuses accept date format like d-MMM-yy
  • Unicode version - All controls are now unicode
  • New translation strings:
    - NFO not saved!
    - NFO saved!
    - NFO/M3U/PLS/SFV/MD5 succesfully saved!
    - Congratulations!
    - NFO not complete!

Version 1.18 [2005-11-27]

  • Added Russian language - thanks to Makc666
  • NFO title (Artist - Album) is now center and looks better
  • Improved Various Artists/Compilation Disc support. Now MNB try to detect that processed album is Compilation Disc
  • Fixed bug with "floating point..." if processing more than 200 files
  • Preview of nfo is enable to edit and correctly save (buggy in v1.16)

Older versions...